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BMF Exclusive: Appreciation Sunday:Know your Reader

Hey Guys! Welcome to a special Sunday on the Blog,its our Apprecoation sunday guys! *clapclap* to our new Readers ,appreciation Sunday is a time set apart on the blog to put a face on the familiar names you see on the those funny commenters ,we like to feature our Readers every last Sunday of the Month.Yuo know what everyone is a celeb on BMF blog,yeah you heard me right.Click HERE to read most about our appreciation Sunday Post

Cleras my sore throat* Guess who we are having on the hot seat today,.wait sef how did i meet her,i am very its one of thos emy waka about on the internet i stumbled on her blog.As a lover of fashion and lifestyle i remained glued to the blog.If you are trendy,you want to be classy to be sexy for your partner then you have to head over to HERE to see what am talking about .Her Blog Template speaks for itself,so beautiful,stylish and interesting.Her blog has a special niche .its a one stop shop blog for any Fashion issues you have.

She is also one one of my loyal reader when i mean loyal i think she started commenting when the blog was like 3 or 4 months old,and ever since she came here she has been supportive .We appreciate you darl.

*Drumsroll*so with a clapping and standing ovation,as she catwalk into the blog welcome Patience Onyiniyechi of Catwalk with Pat.
Grab your Popcorn and chilled Ribenna and enjoy this chats with me.
Ama see ya later!

1.Can we meet you?

I am Nwabueze Patience Onyiniyechi, from Anambra State, 1st of 3 girls.

2. What do you do for a living

I work as an admin officer with a Travel Agency, I am also an aspiring actress, I have done a few jobs but played minor roles.

3 . what motivated you to start Blogging

My love for Fashion and Style. Truth is, it started like a joke, I was bored one day and decided to start blogging but I have always known that I would blog about fashion, 'cos I needed an avenue to help myself as well as others get it right style-wise..

4 . Can you share your blogging experience?

Hmmm! blogging has taught me to be confidence, there's been the high and low moments I tell you. I never expected blogging to be so much work as it is but as time went by, I started getting comfortable and when I started getting comments and saw that people accept what I do, I knew I didnt make a mistake getting into it. So, I would say, its been I learning process for me.

5. If you were asked to trade your blog for a million naira, would you?

Hahahahaha, this kind question sha? No, I wouldn't. Although the blog is not bringing in income yet, but it gives me joy, its gives me satisfaction. So for one million naira? No way!!!

6 . Your blog has a special Niche, where do you get your inspiration ,posts etc

First, Ideas comes from my head, like a topic will just pop up and then I will run to google to help build on the Ideas. Instagram has also been of great help too. I owe everything to God.

6.  You said you might not continue blogging due to some reasons, would you love us to know why?

I wish I can share it yet, its not something so deep, just that I'm going to do other things.

Who is your mentor?

Alot of people; any woman who is doing well for herself and also finds a way to encourage and empower other women.

7. What are your fashion fetish?

Shoes, no, I'm not competing with you or Glowy here o, but I love shoes.

8. Must have items?

Tee, Jeans, black skirt, denim shirt, curt shoes, scarves.

9. What is your fashion style like?

I think I am still trying to find myself but anything, comfortable, simply yet chic.

10.Have you ever been jilted before?how did you handle

lol. No, I haven't, I dont know how it feels. I have always been the one breaking up first in all my relationships.

11. Recently you posted something about my king, we were expecting to see a man or a guy but instead we saw a cutie, is that your daughter?

Did I expect this question? YES! lol. Yes BMF, she's my daughter, she was 4 recently.

12. Are you in a relationship?

Currently, no.

13.What are your pet peeves?

I can't stand someone eating with their mouth open.

14. If you were opportuned to be the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ,what will be your major agenda.

Employment for the youth, the rate of unemployment is just too high.

15. Who are your buddies?

Damian and KC, I wish they can read this, these two people have always been there for me, they are friends turned family.

16.if you were to turn back the hands of time,what would it be?

I dont think I would want to, my life has been far from perfect, but everything that has happened to me has helped me grow in a positive way.

17.How did you know about BMF blog?

I am going to tell you the truth here BMF, your blog will go places. I mean, your passion and determination inspire me alot and the fact that your news are different from what's on other blog means that you know your onion.

18.what are your suggestions, criticism, views,what do you want to see more on the blog.

The blogger forum, it a very good initiative; just that you do not keep up. I have learnt from the forum.

19 . what are your hobbies?

Public Speaking, acting, surfing the net and reading.

20.Describe yourself in one word.


21.From a reliable source, I was told you have a natural beautiful hair, how are you able to maintain it.

Hehehe, yes I am, though a new one. I keep my routine simple cos I'm a naturalista on a budget oo. So everyday I moisturize with a mixture of water and oil and then seal with Shea butter. bi-weekly I deep condition while monthly I do an hot oil treatment, tea rinse, protein treatment and I always sleep on my satin pillow etc. I do a lot of DIY, most things I use on my hair are what can be found in my kitchen, my sisters think I'm going crazy. lol.

22.What advice do you have for the single brothers and sisters out there

Take your time; dont be in a rush, you will be spending the rest of your life with the person you would get married to. So if you rush in, you might also rush out. Above all, put God first.

23.  Your Advice to the newbie bloggers

Stay focus, you might not get what you want from the beginning but with patience and consistency, you will get there.

24.where do you see yourself ,your blog in the next 5 years?

Next 5 years? wow! I see me doing collaborations with fashion brands and also lunching a fashion magazine.

Finally, describe yourself in one word!


25.i have a token for you  from the bottom of my heart,I give this to you,I love your energy your time, your wonderful comments on my blog.

Thank you so much BMF, may God continue to grant you His wisdom.

26Thank you for your time dear and God bless


  1. Cute Babe, interesting like! #LynxxGal#

  2. Yayyyyyy

    Pat got me glued all the time, very interesting. Thanks baby

    BMF I really longed for the king Q, am glad you asked her....Nice 1

    Pat be showing us yansh wey no dey ooo!!! All the best in your endeavours.

    1. this beee is a terror...loool....nice one bmf for askn her about the shows that you like caty woman just kip up the good work

      Glowyshoes's blog

      My Facebook

    2. Glowy, am right behind you!!!!! Na same gbeborun you sef come do nah

    3. hahahaha, Chinco bee you just finish me sha, I wee do you back.

  3. Wow! Just hearing and seeing ds for d first time...Aunty, like Patience said, your passion and inspiration is so inspiring and challenging. God bless your hustle!

    Pasi, am bookmarking your blog right away, cos i don check am and i love what am seeing already! Keep up d good work...*Hugs* lol

  4. Interesting interview. Like it, gonna cat walk pat tomorrow
    Topmost Tree

  5. Wow!!! is that me up there?? Yipppe, Mummy come and see me on BMF blog ooo.

    Thanks so much Bola for this feature, I am indeed honoured. No be lie sha, you just like gbegborun, choi.

    thanks everyone for your kind words

  6. Good to see your face here Pat, and kudos to BMF for a job well done

  7. Great interview. Pat seem like a simple and sincere person.

  8. My sweet Pat, see as u fine. Love me some Pat jare.
    Lovely Interview and answers. Kudos darl.

  9. Beautiful people. I like what I read and saw in this post. Nice. :)

    Keep believing. No matter what happens, don't let your dreams die.


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