Saturday, 14 January 2017

Photos:Young Nigerian Lady Dies Just 3 Days After Getting Engaged

The young lady identified as Amy, has died only three days after getting engaged to her fiance. According to her best friend who shared the story on Instagram, Amy got engaged on the 7th of January and died on the 10th of January, 2017.

The develoment has, undoubtedly, left her totally heartbroken.

Below is what she wrote (edited)

"Besty!! Besty!!! Besty!!! "My hands and my body are shaking,,,, I can't still believe this news oooo,, am still waiting for a call to say its all fallacy oo "Chai!!!!

On 30th, 2016 I traveled from Abuja 2 your village (Awka-etiti) so we could go for a wedding together and we ended up not going and I was fortunate to meet your entire lovely family and they treated me like their own. "We prayed together in ur room into the new year like prayer warriors.

On the 3rd Jan 2017 I had woken up so early to prepare to go but you begged me to stay more... The you said we should go for morning mass but it didn't hold, you insisted we went into the chapel to pray (little did I know this was God preparing you).You finally let me go on the 5th and you got ENGAGED on d 7th jan,, just 3 days before you left me.

"I remember how you called me throughout the night to break the good news to me but I was sleeping till the next morning. We spoke for a long time oooo and then you sent the pics of d ring (my heart is bleeding)

"My Amy bekee you will always make sure we see whenever you came to Abuja from Kaduna or even before you went there to serve. You were my soul sister. My mum and family couldnt bare the news. Who will be my personal shopper, best buddy, my gisting partner???

I've never met a friend that could tolerate me like you did "You said to me on 2nd January in ur room "Frances you know I tell you virtually everything that happens to me.. We are now BEST FRIENDS!!"

"I've cried and cried and cried... But your number is not still going neither are you replying my watsapp messages Amy oooooooooooooo I know you are resting in d bossom of Our Lord Jesus Christ "MAY THE SOULS OF ALL THE FAITHFUL DEPARTED TROUGH THE MERCY OF GOD REST IN PEACE.. AMEN!!!"

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