Tuesday, 16 May 2017

NYSC Announces Date for Printing of Call-up Letters for Batch A 2017

This is as stated in the NYSC Batch A 2017 official Time Table. Consequently upon this, the management of the scheme has scheduled the 2017 Batch A Orientation course to commence from Tuesday 23rd may to Monday 12th June 2017 nationwide.

Prospective Corps members are expected to log on to the NYSC Portal to commence printing of their call-up letters from 18th may to 23rd may 2017.

While those who did not subscribe for online printing should start collection of Call-up letters from 18th may from their various institutions of graduation.

Some further instructions have been given as follows:

When you eventually receive your call-up letter either via email or institution, make sure you read it very well, at least three (3) times before printing it out.

Those that will receive via email are in better advantage because they have the opportunity to print their call-up letters, anywhere, any time and many times. They cannot lose their call-up letters because since they have the opportunity to print and re-print many copies at any time.

Those that will receive via institution are in less advantage. Well, we advise you to guide your call-up letter with your life if you’re in this category. If anything happened to it, no more, you cannot retrieve it. You must go to camp with your call-up letter which must be in coloured format.

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