Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Why we sacked some of our workers - MTN

MTN One of Nieria Telecommunication giant has revealed reasons why it sacked its numerous Workers earlier this week
MTN, telecommunications giant, says it sacked some of its workers in order to increase opportunities for professionals with fresh perspectives.

There had been reports that the company terminated the appointments of over 200 workers.
In a statement signed by Funsho Aina, company’s spokesman, MTN said the workers who have worked with the company for more than five years were allowed to pursue other career interests.
“Our people are our greatest asset, each individual’s knowledge, experience and ideas contributes to our continued growth and improvement,” Aina said in a statement.
“As such, ensuring a healthy and highly motivated workforce is a priority for us.
“It is with this in mind that MTN Nigeria has implemented a Voluntary Severance Scheme designed to balance individual employee needs with business exigencies. The program was designed drawing on feedback from employees and following consultation with elected employee representatives.
“It provides a financial incentive and opportunity for employees who have worked with MTN for over five years to pursue other career interests and personal ambitions full-time, while increasing opportunities for professionals with a fresh perspective wishing to join the MTN family.”
MTN said the successful completion of the VSS scheme made it possible to tailor the experience base of its workforce to technology shifts.
“Its successful conclusion last week makes it possible for MTN to tailor the competence and experience base of its workforce to meet technology shifts and future business needs,” the statement read.
“The management of MTN appreciates the contributions of former colleagues and wishes them well in their future endeavours. Our focus at this time is securing the well-being of employees as we work together to forge the future, and deliver exceptional quality to our customers.”

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