Friday, 16 June 2017

Is it now a crime to look fashionable in Naija?South African based suffers Police Brutality

South African based Nigerian narrated his Ordeal with the men of the Police force his crie is that he looks too fashionable.He shared the video on his insta after the experience read below:

Being back home, after over half a decade, has been a pleasant experience for me until my worse nightmare came to reality.

Though i was warned about the harassment of the Nigerian Police on the street of Lagos, i still chose to come all the way home to shoot a music video i could have gladly accomplished in South Africa.
Stepped out of my my hotel in Surulere to get a cab and then came the Goliath i never expected, asking me to introduce myself which i politely did, but that wasn’t enough, they forced me into a black bus and drove off. Where are we going? they insisted i keep quiet and i kept my cool cause i was worried not to be the next one to be shot dead like the recent incident i read about.
We arrived at an internet cafe and they took me in and asked that i log into my personal Facebook profile and email, i did as they said even though i knew this was really an abuse of my rights but like i said, i didnt want to be shot dead. Two good hours went by and they are still reading through my private messages and printed out some which contained all my invoice and bill payment details of my apartment in South Africa, all they knew was that it is foreign and insisted it must have something to do with internet fraud, ignorant idiots!. Story never end oo, they later took me to a police station and forced me into a dark room and started threatening me but i kept my cool and asked them to place me under arrest. If i am charged with anything at least i would get to call for help, but they restricted me from making or taking any calls. After a couple of hours, they decided to stop beating around the bush and said i looked too good and i am wearing an expensive gold neck piece and must give them some money before they can set me free or else i would be locked up and won’t be able to call anyone for help. They insisted i give them a hundred thousand naira but i finally bought my freedom with the sum of 20k and left with fury and just feeling so sorry for the family of the dude who lost his life due to police harassment.
So i ask again, is it now a crime to look fashionable in Naija? #policebrutality #naija

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