Sunday, 4 June 2017

It is improper for a Married Man to stay out late-Facebook User lashes out at Married Men

I don't think its proper for a married man to be outside at 11pm in the night with the excuse that he is hanging out with his boys and he needs to de-stress.

I don't know how some women tolerate it.....I can't.
Women stay at home after work even during weekends whether stressed or be with their family.
Since you have decided to be a Married man then you should act like one.
Its not only irresponsible but selfish and also very dangerous.
I know of men that went to hang out...were attacked when coming back and till today their wives haven't seen them.
Some died through accident cause they drank and still drove and drove in the night for that matter.
The risk involved with night movement is too much.
Once in a blue moon with permission from your wife...Yes
but an everyday or occasional occurrence...its not acceptable at all...that is how extra marital affairs begin.
I don't know how some women do it o...I can't be in a marriage where its only me that is living like a married person while my partner is still behaving like a bachelor.
Marriage comes with sacrifices,especially cutting off some social activities.
If you can't do it then you have no business being married.

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