Thursday, 1 June 2017

It is wrong for anybody to have evil thoughts towards President Buhari -Bode George

Olabode George, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has faulted the calls on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign over his ill-health.

Earlier in the week, Ayodele Fayose, governor of Ekiti state, said Buhari was no longer fit to lead the country because he had been “incapacitated”.

But speaking with some journalists in Lagos, George said those making such demands were taking politics too far.

He added that it was inhumane for anyone to pressure the president to step down because of some health challenges.

“You see, I don’t support the call by some people that the president should resign because of his health,” he said.

“Even though I have always been on different camps with the president, I do not think it is right for anybody to have evil thoughts towards him.

“He is ill and we can only wish him good health and pray for him; calling him to resign because of this is getting beyond politics. He is a human being and only God knows the appointed time for everyone.

“The holy book says we should always pray for people in authority; I think the president deserves everyone’s prayers, not comments that could even outrage some people and create unnecessary tension.”

George said the predilection of some people to make inflammatory comments along ethnic and religious sentiments would escalate the tension in the land.

While saying people have the right to speak up against marginalisation by the Nigerian state, he said such agitations should not be fashioned in a way that suggest secession.

George said as a stateman who has an unwavering belief in the non-negotiability of the unity of Nigeria, he would never support the disintegration of the country.

He lamented over the falling nationalism and patriotism among Nigerians, which he said was making people identify more with tribes and religion rather than the country.

The PDP chieftain said it was unfortunate that the good idea of restructuring was being given all sorts of colourations to suit ethnic and regional sentiments.

He said the only form of restructuring that he would support is the one that would make the centre unattractive and empower states to develop faster.

George said it made no sense to have all the resources at the centre while states came cap in hand all the time for federal allocation.
George expressed the optimism that the party would overcome its problems and come back stronger.

He said people saying that PDP would die were missing the point as the party was laid on a very strong foundation that could last for so long.

George dismissed rumours that he would soon dump the PDP for the All Progressives Congress (APC), saying he would rather quit politics instead of going to APC.

The PDP chieftain expressed disappointment over the defection of some party members at the trying period, and said their action meant they were not committed in the first place.

“I am disappointed at those leaving this party at this time. As for me, I would rather quit than defect.Whoever is saying I plan to defect to APC is lying. I am not a chameleon. I do my things straight. I can never go to APC,” he said.

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