Saturday, 10 June 2017

Why Nigeria should not be poor

An article shared by Ace Comedian Alibaba;
 This post show many reasons Nigeria should not be poor. Never. Many of these are the stuff many other countries we run to have a bettwr life, were built on. But the sad reality is that we are now lazy... and have abandoned all these things because there is oil revenue coming from the centre. So why grow corn.

Who groundnut pyramid hep? Why invest in agriculture? Why develop entertainment? Palmnuts? Cocoa? Cotten? Countries that used to order rubber from us now look elsewhere... just look at the stuff we ignored, then you will know why we are broke. Let me make it clearer. A man has 5 wives and they all lived happily. One wife is a caterer. Another is a nurse. The third is a school teacher. The fourth wife works in a federal ministry. The fifth wife is a business woman.

She ran into a good fortune and made some stupid money. And she just built a 20 pump petrol station. Now all the other wives have resigned from their work places and now depend on the money that the husband gets from the wife who owns the petrol station. The interesting thing is that all the other 4 wives who do not but sit at home, still live like they have a job. When the wife who owns the petrol station says she wants to buy things for her children, she has to beg the husband because she can not spend the money she makes from the petrol station. It belongs to the whole family. Now when a child is sick, the wife who is a nurse can not help. The children can not be taught by the school teacher wife. The whole family still eats at KFC because the caterer wife doesn't even know how to cook anymore. Then one day, the wife who owns the petrol station said she wants a divorce and all the other 4 wives said lai lai. Because they know that the petrol station is their only source of livelihood... what do I know sef? Shebi I am just a comedian

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